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Each state of our union has laws and regulations specific to that state. 
In addition to filing your incorporation papers and getting your EIN at a federal level, you’ll want to know what you need to do at the state and local level in order to conduct business in your town. If you operate in multiple states, you will need to meet the requirements in each of those states.

secretary of state

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You will likely need to register your corporation with the Secretary of State. Some states do not require this, especially for sole proprietors, but check with your state office to determine that requirement. 

You may also be able to file a DBA (Doing Business As) in your state if you want to use a name other than your personal name or incorporated name to conduct business. 

business licenses & permits

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You will almost certainly be required to obtain a local business license. The type of business you operate will dictate which licenses and permits you will need in order to operate.

State-level business licenses, if required, are administered by either your Secretary of State or your Department of Revenue. 

You may also need a city/county business license. You can find information and applications for your required licenses and permits at your local City Hall. Types of local licenses and permits you may need:

  • Business license

  • Health permit

  • Industry-specific licenses (contractors license, etc)

  • Occupational permit

  • Signage permit

  • Zoning/building permits

department of revenue

You will need to register with your states Department of Revenue.  You will most likely be issued a state Tax ID number, which will be separate from your Federal EIN.

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You will need to understand how to implement your state's tax laws (sales tax, employment-related taxes if you have employees, etc). 


Your payroll provider should be able to take care of your employment-related taxes, and your bookkeeping service/accounting software (read more here) will be able to take your sales tax into account when billing/charging your clients. 


Types of taxes you may need to include in your planning process:


  • Sales tax

  • Income tax

  • Withholding tax (employment-based)

  • Local tax like school bonds/transportation (employment-based)

  • Industry-specific taxes like lodging tax


You will need to check in with your state's Department of Revenue to see about workers compensation insurance and unemployment insurance if you have employees.

Insurance Agent

Your HR/PEO company can take care of that for you (read more here). You can also obtain the necessary insurance directly from a business/commercial insurance broker (read more here).  

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