5 Great Reasons To Start A Business Now

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Autonomy and independence continue to be the biggest drivers in encouraging employees to become their own bosses. Despite the current economy and market challenges, it's a great time to launch your own business and enjoy professional and personal growth. Here are five reasons to start your business right now.

1. Time freedom

As an employee working for someone else, requesting and receiving paid time off can be a toss-up — especially if you have a growing family. Not receiving time off for important milestones or personal matters can be one of the most demoralizing situations in business, and definitely doesn’t make you feel like a valued team member. As your own boss, you’ll achieve freedom for one of the most important resources in life: time. It’s your decision how you schedule it, but being your own boss can mean creating a more flexible lifestyle for you and your family.

2. Financial freedom

Starting a business is definitely an investment of time and money, requiring dedication, passion, and grit, but the end goal of achieving financial freedom is within your reach and control. Benefits of starting your own business over working for a wage include the potential for growth and the creation of something valuable — whether you choose to keep the business, sell it, or pass it down. In fact, according to Guidant Financial, about 78% of U.S. small businesses are currently profitable.

Bootstrapping and crowdfunding can give entrepreneurs financial freedom as well. Instead of accruing debt at the hands of banks, lenders, and investors, owners who “bootstrap” fund and build their business through their own finances or the operating revenue of their company. Crowdfunding relies on the market to back projects, and many people are willing to donate small amounts of money to fund an idea they want to see come to life.

3. No limitations from a boss or corporation

Starting your own business means you’re no longer stuck in a box by a company’s corporate culture or strict requirements from higher-ups. The only limitations for yourself and your business are the ones outlined by you. Many entrepreneurs say, after having a taste of being their own boss, they’d never go back to working for someone else again.

4. More control over operations

Being your own boss means getting to make the rules. After years working for someone else, you probably have some good ideas on how to do things better, how to fix a process to make it more efficient, or how to fill a niche in the marketplace others have ignored. In addition, you’ll achieve true job security by becoming your own boss. No more “climbing the corporate ladder” or “running the rat race;” instead, you’ll be in control of your personal and professional growth.

5. Opportunity to provide real value

Becoming your own boss allows you to follow your passion, be creative, and feel that you’re providing real value as opposed to working at a company that makes you feel expendable, replaceable, and like you have to walk on eggshells to keep your job. Running your own business affords you the opportunity to take pride in your work and feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction that what you’re doing really matters.

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