Bookkeeper360 Review: What New Business Owners Need to Know

With a variety of services and price points, Bookkeeper360, an accounting solution for businesses of various sizes, has a package for every business to consider. Here’s what you need to know about Bookkeeper360.

What is Bookkeeper360?

Bookkeeper360 is an accounting and bookkeeping software for startups and small- to medium-sized businesses that offers assistance from its U.S. based team skilled in accounting, advisory, payroll, and tax compliance.

Bookkeeper360 features


Bookkeeping is the center of Bookkeeper360’s services and is offered through an initial consultation with a Bookkeeper360 team member. You’ll work with an account manager to find the best strategy for your business’s bookkeeping needs and connect your accounting system to the software. There are a variety of service levels, from your account manager holding only an advisory role to a complete hands-on position for your business.

CFO Advisory

Bookkeeper360 offers CFO Advisory packages where its team will work with you to identify key accounting, financial, operating and marketing procedures to help improve your business strategies and profits. It also provides projections and forecasts as well as entrepreneurial coaching.


Bookkeeper360 also offers payroll support, including processing your business’s payroll for both employees and contractors, W-2 and 1099 management, employee health benefit management, and direct deposit setup.


The Bookkeeper360 provides tax-filing help with both business and personal taxes including assistance managing tax forms, ensuring compliance, and planning for tax season.

HR solutions

If small businesses find it difficult to keep up with HR duties, Bookkeeper360 offers assistance through their tool called HRS360. This app provides a library of resources including required forms, assistance with employee on-boarding, access to HR professionals, and training videos.

Merchant services

Bookkeeper360 allows businesses to access merchant services by giving them the tools to accept credit cards at their business and integrate with Quickbooks and Xero to keep track of cash flow.

Technology assistance

Bookkeeper360 has its very own app that houses all of Bookkeeper360’s resources in one place. The app allows business owners to manage their finances, track goals, and have access to their accounting experts. The app syncs with Xero and Gusto for easy bookkeeping.


Bookkeeper360 has a variety of price points and custom-tailored packages based on your business’ needs. Their prices for full-service accounting are based on your business’s monthly expenses.Their monthly package comes with a dedicated accountant, a monthly profit and loss balance sheet, chat support, and the Bookkeeper360 app, while their weekly package adds weekly updates, a dedicated accounting team, and advanced reports.

The Bookkeeper360 app starts at $19 per month and syncs with Xero. A business support plan starts at $199 per month and adds everything in the app as well as bookkeeping support and a dedicated accountant. Bookkeeper360 also provides standalone support items including CFO advisory, taxes, and HR services at various price points.

Benefits of Bookkeeper360

Here are some additional benefits of Bookkeeper360:

  • A wide variety of services and resources.

  • A standalone app with competitive prices housing various accounting needs.

  • A strong, loyal customer base.

  • Easy bookkeeping set up with Quickbooks and Xero.

  • Custom app integration on a multitude of apps based upon certain projects and business’s requirements.

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