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"Launching your



Our focus here is to cover the first steps to take today to get your business started. We will cover business entities, how to choose the right one, and how to save money when setting it up as well as some other startup topics like hiring and bookkeeping. 


Look, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you need to learn and know when getting started. Knowing exactly what steps to take next will help you conquer that feeling of being overwhelmed and start moving forward confidently...

...while avoiding some of the biggest mistakes new business owners make by setting up the foundation of your business correctly, from the beginning. 

"The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a step"

Image by Andrew Neel

bottom line:
Starting is tough,
and can be intimidating.  

Getting help from someone who has been through this process can make all the difference between succeeding and failing.  

We can help you overcome the obstacles in front of you, and walk you through the startup process. 

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover
during the Workshop: 

Part 1

first steps to take

  • Consider this Startup 101, where we will cover some of the initial steps to getting your business started. 

  • How to save time and money by setting your business up correctly from the beginning

  • Overview of business licensing, registering with government entities, etc

  • Process for securing your business name (covering factors like: your competitors, domain name availability, copyrights, and social media)

Part 2


  • Why it's important to choose the correct entity type BEFORE you start

  • Benefits and Drawbacks of:

    • Sole Proprietor​

    • LLC

    • S-Corp

  • Learn how to file for incorporation, where to go, how to save hundreds of dollars in the process, and how to get your EIN for free

  • How to save thousands on taxes each year

  • Formalities and procedures that need to be followed to maintain legality of your business entity.

  • I want to leave plenty of time to answer your questions, so I'm setting aside a portion of our live workshop to just talk to each other. 

Part 3

live Q&A

  • Most of us have similar challenges when going through this startup phase. Listening to others get answers to their questions can often answer your own.  

  • Watching courses, YouTube videos, and workshops can be a great way to learn.  But let's face it, sometimes we just want to talk with someone, and ask questions that are specific to us.  So let's talk.

When you complete the
"Launch Your Business" workshop,
you'll know exactly...


How to choose which entity type will be best for your business


How to verify the availability of your business name, and secure your domain name


How (and where) to file your application for incorporation and your EIN


How to maintain the legality and integrity of your business 

what if you could overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed in just one hour?

OK, we can't solve all your problems in one short workshop, but we can definitely help you work through the next couple steps so you feel more confident moving forward. Part of overcoming your fears is understanding the challenges you face, and having solutions for them..

Step 1

Register for the Mini-Workshop. 

Clear your calendar before and after the Workshop, giving yourself some time afterwards to think and plan (and maybe daydream a little?) 

We will be talking about some actionable steps you will want to take prior to getting your business started. 

Step 3

Prepare for the workshop

We will have time to answer your specific questions, so if you have something specific you would like to have answered, bring it.  

I promise you, you are not alone.  We all have similar questions, fears and concerns.  Everyone in the workshop benefits by hearing others' questions (and the answers).  So ask.  

Step 2

Download our Guide

If you haven't already, download our free guide "The First 13 Steps To Starting Your Dream Business".   You can find the link on our home page. 

Browse through our site and start the learning process. We have some great blog articles, a resource section and even a list of books we recommend. 

Learn what you need to know so you can take control of your life

freedom... finally earn what you are worth...

not what your boss says you are worth

freedom... take control of your life...

and to finally have the ability to dictate your own schedule

freedom... build something for yourself, for your future...

that will allow you the opportunity to achieve financial independance

"Business Ownership
has given me a lifestyle
of freedom and financial security 
and I want to help you attain that for yourself! "


If you’re not satisfied with the workshop for whatever reason, you're covered by our no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money back guarantee.