Our turn-key solution to get your business up and running in 6 weeks! 

to help you
get your business started quickly!

To protect your assets:



  • We will get your business entity set up, whether you choose LLC or S Corp.

  • We will provide you with an Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws

  • LLC Handbook detailing all you need to know to manage your LLC or S Corp.

  • We will obtain your Federal EIN

So customers can find you:



  • We will secure your domain name for you if you don't already have it, or link your existing domain if you already have one.

  • We will create your custom 3-page website based on your preferences for logos, styles, fonts, colors, etc. 

for answers to your ongoing questions:

To learn how to start
your business:

Man Reaching Star


  • Consulting calls to help you grow, to think big, to live up to your potential. 

  • Strategic planning

  • Accountability

  • Q&A  - get the answers you need each week

  • Ongoing help based on where you are at in the startup process, as you grow your business

  • Overcoming the obstacles you are facing

  • Developing an abundance, success based mindset

  • Finding Solutions to the gaps in your skillset, allowing you to start and run your successful business

Driving Uphill

Online course

Our Online Course is like Business Startup 101!  Designed as an overview of how to get your business up and running, including:

  • Business structure (LLC, S-Corp, etc)

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping andTaxes

  • Finding Customers & Creating Raving Fans

  • Startup Financials & Funding Sources

  • Hiring Employees / HR

  • Online Branding

  • Social Media & Online Reviews

so you and your business will look good:


custom logos, email & business cards

  • We will create a custom logo for you.

  • Choose from multiple designs, fonts, and colors.

  • We will custom-design your business cards using your new logo and have them shipped to your door. 

  • We will set up your custom email address, and link it to your website.

Digital Work Life

Branding guide

We will send you a summary of your branding package in a PDF format:

  • Your logo in PNG, and AI

  • Your social media images 

  • Your business card design 

  • Fonts used on the website

  • Colors used on the website

  • Domain registrar info and password

  • Hosting platform info and password

  • Email platform info and password

so you can be in control of your website:


website training videos

We will include our own training videos to review the following topics:

  •      how to log on to your custom website

  •      how the dashboard works

  •      how to edit your site  

  •      how to add additional pages to your site​ 

  •      how to set up payment processing

  •      how to run email campaigns

  •      how to link your site to social media

  •      how to read and understand reporting data

These in-house training videos are specific the sites we create for you, so you can refer back to them when you have questions.  We know how intimidating having a website can be, and don't want you to feel like you are a hostage to your designer or a consultant. 


These videos will show you, via screenshare, how to get around and edit your site. 


We will also show you how to access the training and help section provided by your hosting platform. 

to save you time and simplify this process for you:


By bringing all these services under one roof, with one turn-key package, we save you a ton of time that can be better spent getting your business going!

You can utilize our turn-key approach to the setup of your business, or you can go the longer route and hire all these services individually.....

  • Legal Firm for Incorporation

  • Domain Registrar for obtaining website name

  • Website Hosting Platform for your website

  • Graphic Designer for logos and graphics

  • Website Designer for your website creation

  • Printing company for your business cards

  • Business Coach for overcoming obstacles and getting answers to your questions

  • Online Business Class to learn what you need to know

  • Training class to learn how to use your website