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If you’ve just started your own company, you may consider looking to a business coach for support and guidance.

Working with a professional coach can help you push past those initial doubts and “imposter syndrome” that so many entrepreneurs experience, so you can achieve your full business potential. 


Business coaches are typically seasoned business leaders who have experience nurturing a company to success. They help their clients define their business goals and values, identify roadblocks, address internal and external concerns, and make difficult business decisions by offering their insights.


Whether it’s to bounce ideas off each other or gain a more enlightened perspective, working with a business coach can greatly benefit your bottom line.

why work with a

business coach?

Business coaches are there to bring out the best in you by helping you hone the strengths and skills you already have.

Their gentle push is often enough to break you out of your comfort zone, so you can make decisions that align with your dreams.

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Additionally, business coaches keep you accountable and motivated. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can look to your coach for encouragement and inspiration, knowing you’re not alone in your journey.


Business coaching is a great investment for entrepreneurs both new and experienced. If you’re looking for guidance through your startup process or simply want the support of someone who has “been there, done that,” consider booking a few sessions with a coach whose experience and focus resonates with you. 

Explore your Options

Interested in hiring a business coach? Here are some of our top picks for businesses of all sizes and growth stages:


business startup package

Well, lets start with our own in-house coaching service.  Our immersive 6-week Business Startup Package includes small group coaching and strategy calls, our complete online course, incorporation services, branding, website,  and much, much more.  Click here to see the full range of services included in our Business Formation Package.  


With over 20 years experience as a small business owner, I can help you overcome the paralyzing fear that comes with starting your own business.  I know how hard it can be when thinking about all the various aspects of the start up process and running your business. The number of obstacles that always seem to be stopping you, the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure.  Let me help you overcome these obstacles, and get you open for business!  


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers. Search for the service you want, choose a freelancer you like,  and hire them to complete the job for you.

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This is a great way to browse though the profiles of multiple coaches before choosing which you would like to work with.   Think of it as online dating for choosing a life coach!

Freelance service providers in multiple categories are available to help you.  Life coaches, tutors, consultants and assistants, you will find the person you are looking for here. 

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A proven process to build the systems your business needs to grow—and the dedicated mentor you need to implement them.

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Much more than business coaching for you as a business owner, EMyth improves your business itself.


The EMyth model improves your business with 7 essential interconnected systems—so your company works as an integrated whole.  They take those 7 systems and apply them to the three stages of your business.  

The end goal with EMyth is to give you the freedom to choose your role within your business, or away from it.