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Financial Freedom Depends on Increasing Your Earnings 


Increasing your earnings is much more effective than cutting expenses if you want to achieve financial freedom. It’s a goal for many of us, but often seems like an unachievable dream when you’re facing debt, monthly bills, and unexpected emergency expenses.


If you’re in that camp, you might have a minor panic attack when you think about your financial future. You think you’re doing alright, but then you sit down at night to pay the bills.


Your kiddo needs braces. Your car is on its last leg. Another school expense. Another medical bill. Christmas bills. Broken stove. Rent is due.


Your heart starts racing and panic starts setting in about how you will support your family. The inner voice of self doubt starts getting louder. Then, you get angry, frustrated, feeling like it’s hopeless — no matter how hard you work, you can’t win. You never seem to get ahead.

You start thinking about ways to spend less money from month to month, assuming that a life of penny-pinching will get your finances on track. But the truth is, you can’t “thrift” your way to financial independence. No matter how great you are at stretching a budget, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the vastly more powerful approach of making more money than you are making now.



Why increasing your earnings is the key to financial freedom


Investing in yourself and increasing your earning power will be the biggest step you can take towards being financially independent. Look, not all of us want or need to be billionaires or live the life of a movie star. We just want enough to easily pay our bills, not have to freak out at life's unexpected expenses, and maybe take a vacation once in a while. We want a dependable car, a nice house, and a comfortable lifestyle..


Will saving $100 a month by depriving yourself of, say, lattes, get you that? No.


I’m all for living within your means and being frugal. But in the long run, increasing your earning capacity will be a far more powerful tool in making your life more successful and more financially comfortable.


If you’re done living paycheck to paycheck, stop looking at ways to make your current paycheck last longer. Instead, think about ways you can generate additional income.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, but for those brave enough to pursue it, there’s no better feeling than being in business for yourself. If you have a full-time job, you’ll likely need to start small and launch as a side business at first, but as you gain more clients, you can start planning your exit.